19 January 2018
Arthroscopic Surgeries
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Arthroscopic Surgeries for Sport Injuries

Kuching Specialist Hospital is equipped with arthroscopic suite for treatment of various sports injuries.

Day care Surgeries

We provide arthroscopic treatment for shoulder, elbow, knee and ankle as day case surgeries. Patients are admitted at 8:30 am and were discharged by 7:00pm in the evening provided Day Case Surgeries Protocol is fullfiled Here are the example of day care surgeries:


One of the most commonly injured parts of the knee, the meniscus is a wedge-like rubbery cushion where the major bones of your leg connect. If you got meniscal tear and your knee becomes painful, stiff or locked, you may need surgical repair or debridement (trim off damaged pieces of cartilage). This can be done as day care surgeries provided the anterior cruciate ligament is intact.

meniscus repair
Arthroscopic meniscus repair
  Arthroscopic Meniscus Surgeries

Posterior flap tear of medial meniscus was treated with debridement and partial meniscectomy. Large peripheral tear at posterior horn of meniscus best treated by arthroscopic repair. Arthroscopic meniscus repair using fastfix method.

icon Click here for information of Meniscal Tear
icon Click here for protocol of the surgeries
icon Click here for Meniscus Injuries brochure (Chinese version)
icon Watch video of Meniscus Surgeries for Meniscus Flap Tear
icon Watch video of Meniscus Surgeries of Posterior Horn Tear

  Arthroscopic debridement for early osteoarthritis and osteochondral injuries can be done as day care.

Arthroscopic microfracture for small osteochondral injuries. Large peripheral tear at posterior horn of meniscus best treated by arthroscopic repair. Arthroscopic meniscus repair using fastfix method.

icon Video for arthroscopic debribement of osteoarthritis
icon Click here for article about surgical treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee
icon Click here for brochure of MACI for advanced cartilage regeneration techique
icon Click here for video of cartilage transplant using MACI technique
icon Click here for knee arthroscopy exercise guide


  Subacromial decompression for impingement of shoulder

Subacromial decompression involved arthroscopic resection of  the anterior acromium with a burr to treat impingement syndrome of the shoulder.

icon Click here for rehabilitation protocol (physiotherapy execises) after shoulder subacromial decompression




  Drainage of Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific Tendonitis is a severe painful condition of shoulder which occurs suddenly when calcium is deposited to rotator cuff. Arthroscopic drainage procedures dramatic relief.

icon Click here for information about Calcific Tendonitis



Arthroscopic repair of SLAPS lession

  SLAPS (Superior Labral Repair)

SLAPS tear or superior labral anterior posterior tear can be repaired with suture anchor.



  Ankle Arthroscopy Surgeries as Day Case for Chondroplasty and Removal of Loose Bodies

icon Click here for information about sport injuries of ankle
icon Click here for management of ankle sprain
icon Click here for management of Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Spur



Complex Arthroscopic Joint Surgeries


  Arthroscopic Bankarts Repair

Patient with recurrent shoulder dislocation can be fixed using keyhole surgeries called Arthroscopic Bankarts Repair . Suture anchor is used to repair and reinforced torn labrum and capsular complex.

Here are the video clips of suture anchor repair of torn labrum :

icon Mobilisation of torn shoulder labrum at front part of shoulder
icon Insertion of suture anchor (screws with attached sutures at its head) for repair of the labrum
icon Tying of the knot through keyhole to repair the torn labral capsular complex
icon Click here for information of Shoulder Instability

  Rotator cuff repair and biceps tendon surgeries

Rotator cuff tear can be happened in 2 groups of patients : Young atheletic group who has the rotator cuff tear through injuries and elderly group who has the cuff torn due to impingement and ischaemia (blood supply problem)Whe the rotator cuff is torn, patient will have weakness of shoulder when they need to raise the shoulder beyond 90 degrees, together with pain on elevation, night pain etc. The problem can be solved by arthroscopic or mini open repair of rotator cuff using suture anchor.

icon Click here for information about Rotator Cuff Tear
icon Click here for Arthroscopic Shoulder Repair Using the Smith & Nephew FOOTPRINT PK Suture Anchor


  Arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligaments reconstruction

The anterior cruciate ligament is a major stabiliser of the knee joint. It attaches to both the tibia (shin bone) and the femur (thigh bone).  This ligament prevents the femur from sliding abnormally on the tibia during activities such as running, pivoting and managing stairs or inclines.We use Patello Tendon Graft (bone-tendon-bone), Hamstring Graft (quadruple hamstring technique) or fresh frozen patella tendon allograft technique to reconstruct the ligament through arthroscopy (key hole techniques).

icon Click here for ACL Reconstruction Rehabilitation Protocol
icon Video clip of ACL Reconstruction - Tensioner
icon Video clip of ACL Reconstruction - Tibial Tunnel
icon Video clip of ACL Reconstruction - Graft Harvest
icon Video clip of ACL Reconstruction - Graft Passsage
icon Click here form recorded live surgeries of ACL reconstruction


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