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Comprehensive Joint Replacement Facilities for Shoulder, Hip and Knee

The hospital is equipped with experienced arthroplasty team and the facilities for minimal invasive hip and knee replacement, computer assisted surgeries, revision hip, knee replacement and shoulder arthroplasty, complex past traumatic joint reconstruction.


Minimal invasive joint Replacement Surgeries


Minimal invasive joint Replacement Surgeries using midvastus approach, and special designed instruments with reliable results especially for unicompartmetal knee replacement.


Rotating Platform of High Flexed Knee

  • First Rotating Platform (RP) high flex knee design that accommodates complex knee kinematics in deep flexion up 155% with reduced wear Rotational Freedom in deep flexion
  • Conforming cam and post functions as a third weight-bearing condyle to increase contact stress in deep flexion
  • Self-aligning system facilitates


Total Hip Replacement Using Corail System

  • Corail Stem 97% survivorship in 25 years
  • Double taper geometry (tulip flare) resists axial and torsional displacement
  • Stem locks against the dense bone of the calcar and greater trochanter
  • Square section stabilises the implant within the whole femur
  • Trabecular bone ingrowth into the macro-surface ensures long-term stability
  • Osteointegration of the stem seals against the ingress of debris from the joint capsule
  • Total Hip Replacement with ceramic on metal hard bearing surface using large head.



Total Shoulder Arthroplasty System

Global shoulder replacement used for 4 parts shoulder fracture, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis of shoulder. Click here for more information about osteoarthritis of shoulder

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