19 January 2018

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Spine Surgery

Spine surgery is rarely an initial treatment for back pain, however, there are a few conditions that may require surgical treatment such as osteoporotic fracture of the spine, tumours of the spine and spinal deformities.

Type of Treatment

meniscus repair
  Osteoporosis of the spine
  • Osteoporosis most commonly occurs in older women, and is a result of the loss of bone mineral density, which weakens normal bone.
  • Osteoporotic fracture typically occurs in the wrists, spine and hips.
  • The loss of bone strength, particularly in the elderly, can lead to spine fractures following minimal trauma.
  • These fractures can be very painful and disabling. Vertebral steoporotic fracture often heal in a position that may lead to increasing curvature of the spine (kyphosis).
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meniscus repair
  Tumours of the spine
  • Tumors of the spine are usually metastatic, meaning they originate from a primary tumor elsewhere in the body and spread to the spine via the lymph nodes or bloodstream.
  • Tumors can grow into the spinal cord causing neurological problems.
  • In addition, tumors may destroy vertebral bodies causing collapse and thus, local or radiating pain.
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meniscus repair
  Degenerative Disc Diseases
  • Degenerative Disc Diseases are among the most common spine conditions with significant impact on health related quality of life, use of health care resources and socio-economic costs.
  • The increasing age of the population will require an increased need for the treatment of degenerative spinal disorders particularly disc prolapse, spinal stenosis, discogenic backpain and degenerative spondylolisthesis.
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meniscus repair
  Herniated Disc
  • A herniated disc occurs when a portion of the vertebral disc ruptures. This ruptured portion may push on nerves in the cervical, thoracic or lumbar areas.
  • This pressure on the nerves can often lead to numbness and pain. Smaller herniations are sometimes called protrusions.
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meniscus repair
  • Spondylolisthesis is defined as a slip of one vertebral body relative to an adjacent vertebral body.
  • This spinal condition most commonly presents as a degenerative disease in adults but may be present in adolescents as a result of deformity or trauma.
  • Often there is mild to moderate back pain. If the slip is compressing a nerve, leg pain often develops.
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meniscus repair
  Spinal Trauma
  • Spinal trauma results from significant physical injury sustained as a result of high energy impacts/transfer.
  • Motor vehicle accidents and falls from heights account for a large portion of spinal trauma.
  • These injuries can lead to compression of one or more vertebrae. Weakened bones (osteoporosis) can also lead to fracture at a low level of trauma.
  • A traumatic episode can result in the sudden onset of back pain.
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Spine Services

meniscus repair   meniscus repair   meniscus repair
Spinal interventional pain therapy   Vertebroplasty / Kyphoplasty
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  Percutaneous endoscopic lumbar discectomy
meniscus repair   meniscus repair
Artificial disc replacement surgery
- Cervical disc replacement
- Lumbar disc replacement
  Spinal deformity correction surgery
- Scoliosis correction surgery
- Kyphosis correction surgery
meniscus repair   meniscus repair
Surgery for infection of the spine   Thorascopic spinal surgery
meniscus repair
Minimally invasive spinal surgeries
- Lumbar decompression surgery   - TLIF (Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion) - Spine fracture stabilization
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