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Once you are recovered and can bend your knee enough to go home( normally 4 days of hospitalizationfor one sided joint replacement and 7 days for both sided), your surgeon discharges you.

You will be given instructions regarding exercises and medications before your discharge. You should feel free to ask your discharge nurse any questions you may have. You should have appointments made for outpatient physiotherapy and a post-operative visit to your surgeon before discharge.

NOTE: If you develop chest pain or experience pain and swelling of the calf you must contact your surgeon, or present yourself immediately to the hospital. If there is any concern about your wound or any aspect of your condition, please contact your surgeon or present yourself immediately to the hospital. It is unwise to simply take Antibiotics if you think there is an infection.


»  The exercises you carried out during your hospital stay should be continued at home. These exercises are aimed at improving mobility and strength of your knee. You require crutches until you feel sufficiently comfortable putting full weight on the leg. When you discontinue the use of crutches you should use a single walking stick until you see your surgeon for the first post-operative review.

» You should visit your Physiotherapist at least once a week after your discharge from hospital. He will check on your progress and advise you on any additional exercises you may require.

» Your surgeon will see you within a month of the operation and at that visit he will assess your ability to walk, the mobility, strength and stability of your new knee. He will then advise you on how you can get on to the next level of function.

»  You are capable of driving a car 4-6 weeks after the surgery. You may walk any distance within your comfort. Swimming is permitted and indeed encouraged. Activities such as dancing, golf and bowling can usually start after 2 months.

» Your knee will serve you well and painlessly if you are able to put in the time for the exercises. The new knee should last for many years if you exercise reasonable caution. Heavy impact sports, jumping and violent twisting of the joint can cause early failure.

Prevention of Infection

If you get an infection anywhere in your body (e.g. skin, urine, chest, throat, teeth), the infection can get into the blood stream and spread to your hip. Therefore, call your doctor :-

»  Before you have any dental work.
» Before any other operation or invasive procedure, e.g. Endoscopy, Sigmoidoscopy,
Urinary Catheters, Gynaecological Procedures.
» If you are put on antibiotics by your doctor.
» If you suspect you have an infection anywhere.
» If your wound becomes red, hot, swollen, more painful or discharges any fluid.
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