19 January 2018
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Why A Joint Replacement?

You can only walk easily and without pain when the bones in your joint are smooth and cushioned by healthy, smooth cartilage.

You also need strong muscles and ligaments for stability because your knee is more than a simple hinge joint: each time you bend your leg to walk or climb stairs, the bones rotate, roll, and glide on each other. Knee pain and stiffness often result from osteoarthritis from injury or wear and tear.

Other knee problems include rheumatoid arthritis (an inflammatory joint disease), previous infection, or poor alignment of your bones. With osteoarthritis, your cartilage “cushion” wears away. Bones become rough and rub together, causing pain. With rheumatoid arthritis, y our joint may also be inflamed and swollen. A painful, stiff joint can keep you from doing the simple things in life, even walking without pain. Now your orthopaedic surgeon can replace your problem joint. After your hip/knee replacement, you can look forward to returning to many of your activities of daily living

Minimal invasive joint Replacement Surgeries : Partial Knee Replacement

In certain cases, arthritis may be localized to a single compartment in the knee. If your surgeon believes that your knee has this type of localized arthritis, you may be a candidate for a partial knee replacement. This type of knee replacement is done through a smaller incision and a less invasive approach, which may result in a shorter hospitalization and earlier return to function following surgery. Your surgeon will discuss these techniques with you if he thinks you might be a candidate for a partial knee replacement Please refer to our description and protocol on partial knee replacement .



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